All the way from Santpoort, Holland to Medford, Oregon, USA, Frans vd Heijde used his energy healing skills to help my son, Frans Jacob Lincoln, prepare for major brain surgery on February 13th to remove a large tumor that caught all of us COMPLETELY off guard when the doctors found it!
The specialists and surgeons in San Francisco were absolutely astounded that the surgery went so smoothly, and Frans was released from the hospital in less than 24 hours!!! His recuperation has been equally miraculous, and his severely compromised eyesight has returned to normal! In another week, we are expecting that his doctors will allow him to return to work!
This is our family’s first experience with energy healing, and we are astounded with the results! I am excited beyond words that Frans vd Heijde has this amazing gift, and is now sharing it with others! I am soon hoping to ask him to help me with a long time illness that causes me enduring pain and compromises my immune system.
I now have infinite faith and confidence in this rare and astounding energy healing specialty, and cannot wait to use it personally!

Cornelia Warren Lincoln
Ashland, Oregon USA