I started Reiki more than 30 years ago. Reiki is working with universal energy. The energy is passed through my hands. I do not make someone better, but act as a conduit: it’s the receiver who works with the energy. The immune system knows what to do.

What is Reiki?

Reiki means Universal (Rei) Life Energy (Ki). Reiki has always existed and has been rediscovered about 100 years ago by an abbot of a Christian priest school in Japan, Dr. Usui. Recipients of Reiki consciously or unconsciously determine what they do with this energy. They can influence the self-healing process, the giver has no influence on this. If someone is open to letting this universal energy flow through his or her entire physical and mental being, this can lead to healing, healing and acceptance.
Results with children and animals are often impressive: I think this is because they are naturally open to universal energy. Children and animals do not wonder whether it works or not: they simply let the process happen. The results therefore usually are pretty good.