Quantum Touch

Just like Reiki, Quantum Touch is an energetic method that activates the self-healing ability of the body and was developed by Richard Gordon. Quantum Touch can be applied to any kind of pain, inflammation, disease or obstruction of our health. The treatment usually starts with the alignment of the hips, the head and the dorsal vertebrae. This ensures that the body regains its balance. Then I put my hands on the places where someone suffers or hurts. The treatment can be done lying down or standing. You can just keep your clothes on.

How does it work?

A high vibration field is created by means of different breathing techniques and body awareness exercises. If a high frequency is offered by means of my hands, the complaint, which has a much lower frequency, can start to vibrate with the higher frequency of my hands. Through the laws of resonance and tuning the vibration is raised, so that the energy around the problem can start flowing again. When two things vibrate at different frequencies, the tendency for the vibrations to come together and align with each other. In general, the slower vibration will increase to adapt to the faster frequency: called entrainment in English. The physical meaning of the word entrainment is the phenomenon that objects take over each other’s frequency and resonate in harmony. In this way the self healing ability of the body is stimulated via the therapist. A Quantum Touch treatment is painless. During the treatment you can experience heat, cold and movement. Every experience is unique.

Applications of Quantum Touch

• Hip complaints
• Back problems
• Neck complaints
• Shoulder complaints
• Joint complaints
• Headache ( Migraine, Cluster etc.)
• Knees
• Throat
• Organ complaints
• Burnout
• Emotional issues
• Depression

Both techniques can be used in addition to the regular treatment and research methods. By combining both techniques, I have found that the results have improved.